Free iPhone Security Camera App Supports Axis IP Cameras

Free Axis Compatible iPhone AppCCTV Camera Pros announced that the iCamViewer, a free iPhone app for video surveillance systems, now supports Axis IP cameras and network video servers.  The latest version of the iCamViewer app allows users to view up to 8 security cameras remotely over the Internet from an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  The iCamViewer does not yet support pan, tilt, zoom camera controls, but PTZ support will be available in the future. The iCamViewer also allows users to view CCTV cameras on iPhone using video servers and to mix and match viewing cameras from different manufacturers. In addition to Axis, the app also supports viewing Zavio and Vivotek IP cameras.

Commenting on the new iCamViewer app, CCTV Camera Pros managing partner Mike Haldas says, “CCTV Camera Pros research and development team continues to innovate and allow us to offer great products for video surveillance, like the free iCamViewer iPhone app. We are extremely excited about the integration with Axis cameras being that Axis is the largest manufacturer of IP security cameras in the world.  Our goal is to have the best free video surveillance iPhone app in the world. The feedback that we get from users is helping us do just that.  We will continue to improve the iCamViewer and add additional support for more manufacturers and models.”

Axis IP Camera Compatibility

The following Axis cameras and Axis network video servers have been tested and confirmed to be compatible with the iCamViewer: 207MW, M1031-W, M1054, 210, P1311, P1346, 211, 211M, 221, 221 Night, Q1755, 209MFD, 216FD, 216MFD, 225FD, M3014, P3301, P3344, Q7401. Although this is a limited set of cameras have been tested, the iCamViewer should work with all Axis camera models.

Axis Camera Compatible iPhone App Images

The following screen shots show the iCamViewer being used to view the Axis P1346 and 216FD cameras on an Apple iPhone.

Axis Camera iPhone App    Axis IP Camera iPhone App

More Information and Free App Download

More information about the iCamViewer and a complete list of compatible cameras can be found here:

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