Choosing the Best IP Camera Software

IP camera software, also known as network camera software and NVR software, allows you to record surveillance video from IP security cameras to a central computer / server over an IP network.  Choosing the best IP camera software for your specific surveillance application can be challenging if you do not know the options that are available to you.

Having the latest IP /Network Security Cameras is only as powerful as the software you choose for interface with remote viewing, recording and remote control functions of your cameras.  What good are the most powerful camera capabilities without a simple interface for access, monitoring and recording functions that YOU are actually capable of navigating through?

CCTV Camera Pros supplies NUUO IP Camera Software that can be installed on a Windows Vista or Windows XP computer and basically turns the computer into a network video recorder.  Our opinion is that the NUUO NVR system is the best on the market.  It has the latest features and the largest number of IP cameras brands and models are supported.  The NUUO NVR software is designed with a user-friendly interface with the consumer / end user perspective in mind, so it is very easy to use.

The NUUO IP Camera Software features the following:

  • View and monitor up to 64 channels from IP cameras, Network Cameras, & mega-pixel cameras
  • Start with as small as a 4 camera license and grow up to 64 cameras over time
  • Easy to use GUI Graphic User Interface
  • Easy to manage smart Recording Schedule
  • Dual monitor Real-Time display and Playback with HD quality at 30 frames per second
  • “Smart Guard system” with 6 kinds of video analytics and 6 kinds of instant response
  • Intelligent search for easy locating of recorded events
  • Recording modes: Continuous, Event, Motion, Scheduled, Manually, w/ Audio, Auto Recycle
  • Video Analytics: General motion, Missing Object, Foreign Object, Camera Occlusion, Loose Focus, Signal Lost.
  • Real-Time A/V multi-events viewer and filter
  • MPEG4 / MJPEG Video Compressions supported
  • 2 way audio support
  • Video Quality Enhancement Tools
  • 1280 X 1024 or above recording resolution (mega-pixel IP cameras are supported)
  • Centrally manage cameras from multiple locations
  • Integrate with wireless network systems

IP Camera Software Setup Video

The following video demonstrates how simple it is to connect an IP camera system using the NUUO camera software that CCTV Camera Pros supplies.

If you would like help in designing an IP security camera system or choosing the best IP camera software for your home, business, or government facility, please call CCTV Camera Pros at 888-849-2288 or visit CCTV Camera Pros website.