Hand-Held CCTV Test Monitor with Camera Power

Hand-Held CCTV Test MonitorCCTV Camera Pros of Boynton Beach Florida, today launched the new MON-LCD25P hand-held CCTV test monitorwith camera power. The LCD25P test monitor is different that many other service monitors on the market because the LCD25P is capable of supplying power to the security camera that it is being tested. The 2.5” LCD screen provides a crystal clear image that allows installers to verify the angle of view and focus of cctv cameras. Being that the LCD25P can supply power to cameras, security installers can temporarily hold a camera in position to confirm angle of view and focus without running permanent cables or permanently mounting the camera.

Commenting on the MON-LCD25P, CCTV Camera Pros co-founder Mike Haldas says: “Our customers have been asking for a hand-held CCTV test monitor that also powers the camera being tested for a while.  We are very excited that we now have a manufacturing partner making the MON-LCD25P for us to our specification and quality assurance standards. There are several hand-held service monitors on the market but none at this affordable price point that use the battery of the tester to also power the security camera being tested. Our product development team continues to listen to the demands of our customers and deliver the product solutions that they ask us for. I am very proud of how CCTV Camera Pros continues to adapt to market demands.”
CCTV Test Monitor

The LCD25P comes complete with the following: 2.5” LCD hand-held test monitor, quick release neck strap, rechargeable battery with power supply, coaxial test cable with RCA and BNC connectors, camera power supply cable, and instruction manual.

At the time of this writing, the MON-LCD25P is available from CCTV Camera Pros for $139.99.  Click here for additional information or to purchase the MON-LCD25P portable CCTV test monitor.

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