GV-800-4 Geovision DVR Card

Geovision GV-800 Card

Geovision GV-800 Card

The Geovision GV-800-4 DVR card is a powerful 4 channel security camera system that turns a computer into a digital video recorder.  As of Geovision software version 8.12, these cards and software are compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.  The card is capable of recording at 120 frames per second (FPS), which means 30 FPS per CCTV camera (up to 4).

Geovision Installation

The Geovision hardware and software is very easy to install.  After installing the GV-800 into an available PCI slot on the computer’s motherboard, there are three components that must be installed from the CD that comes in the box.  These components are convenient put in order for you on the system installation menu.  They are: Geovision Drivers, Direct X 9, and the Geovision main system.  For Windows Vista users, it is important to note that when installing the Geovision software, you will be asked if you want to disable the UAC in Windows.  Geovision recommends saying yes and disabling the windows UAC (also known User Account Control and Windows Defender).  If you would like to learn more about UAC, please click here: what is UAC?

The Geovision system includes a set of features that will likely meet the requirements of any surveillance project from the simple home surveillance system through a complex government installation including:

  • Advanced Motion Detection: Advanced Motion Detection recording allows multiple sensitivities setup within multiple regions. It is suitable for large-scale security monitoring and recording.
  • Timeline Search: Timeline search enables users to locate a specific video recorded on a time frame via an easy-to-browse graphical tool. Timelines can display minutes and seconds, search and playback videos.
  • Password Expiration Management: Password expiration management provides better security practices in surveillance system. System administrators can set expiration or disable a user’s account. Features also include password edit, account edit and more.
  • WebCam Server / DVR viewer: Geovision WebCam server allows you to access live video remotely over a network or the Internet.  Single camera views can be directly viewed in Internet Explorer.  Multiview will automatically launch the multi view application for up to 16 cameras.
  • Center V2 Central Monitoring Software: Monitor up to 5 systems with the software that comes with Geovision or purchase the professional version to monitor up to 500 systems.
  • Email Alerts:  Send video or images to your email when a motion detected event occurs.

If you are interested in learning more about Geovision DVR cards, please visit a distributor like CCTV Camera Pros.