Geovision iPhone Remote Viewing Application

The Geovision GV-iView App has been launched to allow users to remotely view their security camera video live from an iPhone.  The new Geovision iPhone application can also control PTZ cameras and manually force output devices to trigger alarms directly from their iPhone.  The iPhone remote viewing application makes accessing your Geovision Surveillance System easy when away from your home or business.  You can choose single or multi-channel views of live video streams or recorded playback.  Easily initiate recording of any or all channels.

Geovision now also provides a hybrid security camera system solution allowing both IP security cameras an analog CCTV Cameras to be connected to one system.  The new iPhone application will allow viewing of both CCTV cameras and IP cameras from the GV-iView application.  The strong networking capability enables video and audio data to be transferred over the Internet via the WebCam server for viewing on a remote computer, 3G mobile phones (now including the Apple iPhone), PDA or Geovision remote monitoring applications such a the center V2.

You can download the Geovision GV-iView iPhone application from iTunes by clicking here.

Geovision iPhone App Features:

1. Connection Management

  • Up to 10 sets of connection settings can be added to “My Favorite” list for quick, direct access

  • The last connection setting is saved by default

  • Two image quality options available

2. Live Display of Multiple Channels

  • Multiple channel display mode

  • Finger-drag or click to switch between pages

  • Double-click desired channel for single view

3. Single Channel Management

  • Control pan, tilt and zoom functions

  • Manually force output devices to trigger alarm systems

  • Record live video of current channel or all channels

  • Take snapshots and save live images

4. Remote Playback

  • Recorded video from GV-System or GV-NVR can be played back remotely

  • Define time period to search recordings for playback


System Requirements:
Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Click here to access Geovision iPhone Application Setup Instructions.

About Geovision Surveillance Systems

Geovision surveillance systems are  PC based DVR systems designed to process video, audio and data from a local and remote network / Internet surveillance environment. Geovision utilizes state-of-the-art software and hardware digital video compression to produce the best possible video quality in an efficient manner. Geovision surveillance systems are custom built with up to 16 cameras that can be viewed live on a local monitor screen, on a local area network (LAN), or remotely over the Internet.

Geovision Features

Intelligent Recording & Playback

  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Scene Change Detection
  • Instant Playback
  • Pre-Recording Using HDD
  • Advanced Round-The-Clock Recording
  • Time Merge From Different Clips
  • POS Point of Sale Integration

Flexible Record Confgurations

  • Adjustable recording quality and frame rate for each camera
  • Choice of recording at 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 and 480 fps
  • Recording trigger by round-the-clock, motion detection, alarm and schedule
  • Pre-motion and post-motion recording
  • Supports Windows XP / Server 2003  / Vista burning software for backup
Remote Surveillance – DVR Viewer

  • Live Video & Audio via IE Browser
  • Remote Search & Playback Support
  • Monitor Multiple Systems
  • 3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP)
  • SSL Encrypt Connection Support
  • UPnP Support

Notifications & Alerts

  • E-mail notification with attached video images on motion detection and alarm
  • E-mail notification on video lost or I/O error
  • Directs PTZ dome to a preset location on motion and alarm activation
  • SMS alerts available in Main System, Center V2 and Vital Sign Monitor
  • Alarms on objects that pass between predefined regions